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8" / 200mm Electric Cylinder Max Lift 2000N / 400 Pound / 200Kg Linear Actuator 12V / 24V DC

Price: US $65.00

  • Model: 0041513 (600-12/24-200MM)

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High quality
Generate linear motion
DC motor activated
Low power consumption
Low noise design
Wiring included, pre-installed
Identical extending or retracting
Built-in clutch prevents over-extending and over-compressing

Working voltage: DC 12V or DC 24V
Extension: 8" / 200mm
Compressed length from center of two mounting holes (shaft retracts completely): 15"/ 375mm
Extended Length from center of two mounting holes (shaft extends completely): 23"/ 575mm
Speed: 5mm±2mm/second, or 10mm±3mm/second, or 30mm± 5mm/second
Max Load capacity: 400 Pound / 200 Kg at 5mm /second, or 200 Pound / 100 Kg at 10mm /second, or 100 Pound / 50 Kg at 30mm /second
The linear actuator can get the maximum load capacity when it operates in the vertical direction.
Working current: 6A (you should choose a 10A power adapter to power this actuator, like our model 0010130)
Shaft diameter: 24mm
Mounting holes diameter: 10mm
Environment temperature: -26℃ to 85℃
Noise level: lower than 42dB
IP rating: IP54
Weight: 1900g

Extending or retracting movement
Moving direction can be changed by switching polarity.

Mainly used for cars, lifting platforms, massage couches, electric beds, medical chairs, electric devices, micro-devices and so on. It can push, pull, lift and descend other devices.
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