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My parents are farmers who always store the grain in the warehouse in every harvest season. But the warehouse sometimes is an attic. They usually have to hoist grain bag to the attic by themselves in the past. Actually, that is energy-consuming working. It is too difficult for aged parents to hoist those heavy bags of grains now. So they want to know if there is an easier way to hoist grain.

So I choose this set of controller, Model 0020337(S1FM-DC12&CV-2)which is strongly recommended by the supplier. They said the major characteristic of this receiver is to make the motor in the winch rotate in positive and reversal direction. That is to say, the rope of winch will be stretched out and drawn back by wireless remote controller. The transmitter is also easy to use for my parent.

Here are transmitter and receiver.


We install immediately. The wires from the winch are connected to the receiver. Then we just try to hoist heavy stuff. We hook up the bag, pressing and holding button ▲ on transmitter. With the motor of winch working continuously in the “UP” direction, the rope is drawn back and the bag is hoisted; When the bag is hoisted to the attic, release button ▲, the motor of winch stops working. After putting away the grains bag, we press and hold button ▼ on transmitter, the motor works continuously in the “DOWN” direction , the rope is stretched out and then it reaches the ground.


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How to Remote Control Water Engine

One of our customers needs to control the engine of my garden pump to water easily. The actual range is 100 meters. The pump engine requires 220 volt, 1000 watt power. He thinks that an external antenna is necessary for the receiver.

We would like to recommend the  remote control model with 3 modes 0020489 S1PUA-AC220-ANT2&CB-2. With normally open terminals, working voltage range of relay can be AC110~240V or DC0~28V. The maximum working current is 30amp. So it can activate a 220V, 1000W motor. In addition, the working distance of transmitter and receiver with external extend antenna is 2000m (6000ft) theoretically without barriers. Its working distance is farther than your actual range.

Wiring is also fairly simple.

Just follow the wiring diagram. The pump engine is connected to normally open terminals A&B on the receiver and supplied 220V power supply. Then we can connect receiver to power supply too.


Setting control mode Latched: Disconnect Jumper-1 and Jumper-2.

Press big button, turn on the pump engine.

Press small button, turn off the pump engine.

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Movement Detector And Time Delay Receiver For Water Feature Pump Motor

Question from customer:

“I have a waterfall water feature that currently has an 110v 250W pump that run from 7AM until 10PM. I would like to save more energy by having these pumps turn on by detecting motion near the water feature. 110 degree detection, within 30 feet would be sufficient. The more intelligent, the better (i.e. body/heat/motion/mass detection). There is no need to run a waterfall water feature when no one is there to enjoy it. What do you recommend?”

Fallsview water feature and front entrance


We recommend wireless infrared movement detector and receiver with time delay function (S1DA-AC220-ANT2&W-01) to you. This kit is 220V actuated. With external extended antenna, it can work within 6000ft in the open field. With adjustable time delay function, you can adjust delay time from 0 second to 99 hours. The motion detector can detect any movement within 10m. Detection range is fan-shaped angle 110°.

remote controller-our automationmotion detector-our automation

We’d like show you how to use this kit.


1 Using screws to fix the bracket on the wall to favorable locations according to your need (i.e. the corridor towards waterfall water feature) and put the detector on the bracket, then adjust the detector to the suitable angle of 10~14° and turn on it.

2 Wire pump motor to B terminals of receiver (A, B = Normally Closed; B, C = Normally Open). Press buttons of “+” and “-” on the timer of receiver, “H” is Hour, “M” is Minute, and “S” is Second. We suggest you that you can set your pump work every 30 minutes from 7AM to 10PM. Once people pass corridor towards waterfall water feature, the motion detector is triggered. You can set “M30”. And supply power to receiver and pump motor.

circuit-our automation

3 When the movement detector is triggered: Turn on relay (connect B and C, disconnect A and B).

The pump motor begins to work. It will last 30 minutes if you set “M30”. After delay time, there is no motions any more, it will turn off by itself.

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Water motorcycle is a recreational vessel that the rider sits or stands on, rather than inside of, as in a boat. Most are designed for two or three people. Water motorcycles are small, fast and fairly easy to handle and use. Besides recreational function, they are preferred for non-recreational function in accidents to pick up flood survivors. Also, there are obvious hazards of collisions and mechanical breakdowns of water motorcycles. How to prevent from accidents in time?

water craft 6

Someone wants to remote control 6 water motorcycles from long distance. That is a idea that from the beach, he is able to control the switch of a user that is getting wild or getting to close to danger. If we discover danger in advance, we can stop the water motorcycle.

He uses six 12VDC direct power output receivers with the long distance remote to control his water motorcycles.

1_01 (17)

Wire 6 water motorcycles to 6 receivers respectively and press button on and off to turn on or shut down water motocycles.

When any of water motorcycles is getting wild or getting to close to danger, he can press any button to stop any of them to prevent from accidents. What’s more, it is the long range remote control which can help him control water motorcycles from long distance.

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A man wants to use one device to turn on a hot-water circulator in his home for 15 minutes&then has it automatically turn off. He lives in a 2 story wood home&the hot-water circulator is in the basement-maybe a distance of about 30 ft away through drywall&wood flooring.


Wiring program is as follow:

He can  connect delayed remote unit to circulator pump. The receiver is relay output (normally open and normally closed). Power supply for the receiver and the water pump are different. That means it will not cause electromagnetic interference during water pump operation.

S1DA-AC and pump


Press big button: Turn on relay (connect B and C, disconnect A and B). After delay time: Turn off relay by itself (disconnect B and C, connect A and B). Press small button: Turn off relay immediately, no need to wait for delay time.

Press buttons of “+” and “-” on the timer, adjust delay time from 0 second to 99 hours. “H” is Hour, “M” is Minute, and “S” is Second. As his requirement, he can set “M 1 5”, it means the delay time is 15 minutes. After working for 15 minutes, it will be off automatically. Then the circulator pump stops pumping.

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A man wants to install a single channel remote to control his doorbell within the range of 150m. The old 6V doorbell was broken and he doesn’t want to repair the wires of doorbell. Ordinary wireless doorbell cannot be used because it doesn’t reach the distance he really wants. He has an idea that a transmitter is connected to the doorbell button and relay in receiver is connected to doorbell. The only problem is the control range of remote need to reach about 150m.

doorbell 2


We recommend the 6V one channel 2000m receiver(S1U-DC06-ANT2) and long range transmitter (CB-1). Working voltage range of receiver is 6V. With normally open and close terminal, the voltage of the device being controlled is AC110~240V or DC0~28V. So it can be applied in 6V doorbell. Usually, you don’t have to supply additional power to doorbell because it can get 6V power from powered receiver when you connect them to the 6V power supply together. And the most significant is that it has extended external antenna which makes its control range up to 2000m (6000ft).

1 (8)

According to his requirement, he can connect the button of the bell to the transmitter by two wires. Then connect the bell to the relay in the receiver.


Setting control mode Momentary: Connect Jumper-1.

When he presses the button of the bell, RF signal will be sent out from transmitter to receiver. The receiver receives to turn on the relay, then the doorbell rings. Release the button, the doorbell stops ringing.

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I just want to use wireless remote controller to attach his garbage bin outside. When the truck picks up the bin and tips garbage, the controller will detects and turns up a light in the house. So I can know that the garbage is taken away and I can fetch the inner garbage can back. It sounds a very innovative idea. I have no idea to realize it?So I searched on the internet and asked a remote control supplier, they select a remote control kit for me. That is model 0020259 & model 0010032 (S1DA-AC220 & W-12). They are the remote control kit with functions of vibration reminder and time delay.

They told me that W-12 is an RF vibration detector. When the item is vibrated, the vibration detector will be triggered and will send signal to the receiver toinstruct the device to work. S1DA-AC220 is a receiver with a timer.

 It looks like great.

With the procedure they shown,  I stick the detector to the garbage bin and pull out the antenna. (To see the following picture)

garbage bin&W-12copy

Then I begin to wire. The power supply should be connected to the N&L terminal of the receiver. Wires from the light should be connected to B&N terminal of the receiver. Then I  use another wire connect to C&L terminal of the receiver. (Wire as the wiring picture they show me)


The operation time came,  I press buttons of “+” and “-” on the timer to adjust delay time. I set 5 minutes for this timer.

When the truck comes and picks up the garbage bin, the garbage bin is vibrated so that the vibration detector is triggered and the light will shine and last for 5 minutes. Then the light will turn off automatically after 5 minutes. With shining of light, I know that the garbage truck tips garbage into truck and takes away, so I can fetch my inner garbage can back. I like this little , useful, handy gadget.

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A man would like to know which kind of vibrators will be strong enough to alert a deaf dog.  He’d like to hook it to a collar and use it to train the dog and to also alert him.

Golden Retriever on beach with stick Original Filename: 86485865.jpg

50M RF remote control reminder with 4 Vibration Modes (Z-02&CS-4) is suitable for him. This remote vibrator has two parts: vibration receiver and transmitter. It is small enough for you to carry in the pocket. Press the button on transmitter and the receiver will vibrate to alert. The receiver can be controlled by transmitter from any place within a reliable distance; wireless signal pass through walls, floors and doors. It is suitable for person or animal with hearing impairment.


With antenna, its transmitting distance is about 50M. There are vibrator, LED indicator, battery, and learning button in the receiver.

vibrator inside

The first step is deleting and learning codes:

1         Delete all stored codes:

Press and hold the button of the receiver for about 2 seconds until LED light is off, then release the button, all stored codes have been deleted successfully. At this time, the transmitter cannot control the receiver.

2         Learning remote controls:

Press the learning button of the receiver, LED light is on, the receiver is in the status of LEARNING.

Press any button of remote control within 7 seconds, if LED light flashes twice slowly then off, it means LEARNING is successful. If LED light is off after 7 seconds, it means LEARNING is failed and the receiver quits the status of LEARNING.

The second step is operation:

The receiver can learn several remote controls of different codes.

Press button A: The receiver vibrates once.

Press button B: The receiver vibrates twice. Press button C: The receiver vibrates three times. Press button D: The receiver vibrates four times.

When you press the button on transmitter, the receiver will receive the wireless signal and vibrate. Then the dog can feel the vibration.

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Someone is looking for a 120vac powered remote control for winch. He needs 1 motor control 120vac with ability to stop when limit switch reached. Also like delay for start direction of ac motor.

ac 220v winch

Forward &Reverse Motor controller is 110V~220V power actuated, which also enjoys time delay function and limit switch. It focuses on capability of motor forward-reverse-stop. Wireless signal pass through walls, floors, doors and other obstacles if he remote controls he winch motor within a reliable distance from any places. With time delay function, the working time can be adjusted from 10 to 60 seconds. What’s more, the limit switch can prolong or shorten delay time through its clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. It really meets his need.


Wiring and operation will be explained in more detail from following procedure and picture.

Wiring procedure:

Connect the live wire to the “L”, and the zero wire to the “N”. Connect AC motor to the “OUT” and the zero wire. You can exchange output wires of motor to change the rotating direction of motor.



Press button ▲: Light 1 shines, motor rotates in the positive direction, and it will stop after a certain delay time.

Press button ▼: Light 2 shines, motor rotates in the reversal direction, and it will stop after a certain delay time.

The delay time of positive / reverse rotation can be adjusted from 10 to 60 seconds. Turn R1/R2 clockwise, prolong the delay time. Turn R1/R2 anti-clockwise, shorten the delay time. When you press button ▲ or button ▼, the motor starts to rotate; It will stop after the delay time is expired.

When the rotation is overdone, if switch S1 or S2 is activated, the motor will stop automatically.

After press button ▲, you must press button ■ to stop the motor firstly, and then press button ▼.

If he pulls out the Jumper of the receiver, you can press directly button ▼ after press button ▲.

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You decided to install a security system with video camera in somewhere in you new house, the door gate, garage, porch, living room, bedrooms. Maybe you wonder whether it is possible to wire some video cameras to be controlled by one remote controller or not. We have many kinds of remote transmitters and we consider a set handy electronic gadget can help you. CB series transmitter,( Model 0021027(CB-6) is one of those transmitters, which can connect with 6 receivers. It pairs with the receiver, Model 0020360(S1UB-DC12). You can control video cameras with just one remote controller easily.

It is so easy to install. Look at the wiring picture.



Wires on the video camera should be connected to the receiver and power supply. From the picture, the red wire from the video camera is connected to B terminal of the receiver and the black wire is connected to negative electrode of the power supply. The positive wire of the power supply is connected to C terminal of the receiver.

The transmitter and receivers should come to the “Toggle Mode”. This means pressing each button controls each video camera on or off separately.

When press button 1, the transmitter is triggered and sends out an RF signal “ON” to the receiver. After the receiver receives the signal, the corresponding video camera is on. When press button 1 again, the transmitter is triggered and sends out an RF signal “OFF” to the receiver. After the receiver receives the signal, the corresponding video camera is off…

It is really a simple and convenient way to control all video cameras from one remote controller.

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