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How to Remote Control Water Engine

One of our customers needs to control the engine of my garden pump to water easily. The actual range is 100 meters. The pump engine requires 220 volt, 1000 watt power. He thinks that an external antenna is necessary for the receiver.

We would like to recommend the  remote control model with 3 modes 0020489 S1PUA-AC220-ANT2&CB-2. With normally open terminals, working voltage range of relay can be AC110~240V or DC0~28V. The maximum working current is 30amp. So it can activate a 220V, 1000W motor. In addition, the working distance of transmitter and receiver with external extend antenna is 2000m (6000ft) theoretically without barriers. Its working distance is farther than your actual range.

Wiring is also fairly simple.

Just follow the wiring diagram. The pump engine is connected to normally open terminals A&B on the receiver and supplied 220V power supply. Then we can connect receiver to power supply too.


Setting control mode Latched: Disconnect Jumper-1 and Jumper-2.

Press big button, turn on the pump engine.

Press small button, turn off the pump engine.

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