Remote Control Garage Door Motor

Wireless DC Motor Remote Controller & Digital Screen Speed Governor for adjusting the Speed of Motor Rotation  

We introduce the new product here: wireless DC motor remote controller & DC motor speed governor. The controller’s model is: 0020412 (S1XT-DC06/09/12/24 & C-1). The Speed Governor’s model is 0044001.The wireless DC motor control system can remote control motor rotation and the speed governor with digital screen can adjust the speed of motor rotation. The speed governor’s speed adjustment range is 0~100%. That means twist the “Adjustable potentiometerin the speed governor, when the screen display digital “0”, the motor stop rotating; when the screen display digital “1 ~100”, the motor rotating. And the higher the number, the faster rotation. When the screen display digital “100”, that means the speed of motor rotation is fastest. You can connect the DC motor controller and DC motor to speed governor, then use the transmitter to remote control motor rotation.



Here is the circuit diagram of the wireless DC motor remote control system. You can connect terminal “A&B” of receiver to terminal “Input” of speed governor. Connect DC motor to terminal “Output” of speed governor. Then supply power to receiver.

When you press the button of transmitter, motor rotating.

Then twist theAdjustable potentiometer: the digital screen will display “0~100”. Twist clockwise, the digital will bigger and bigger, motor rotation will speed up. When the screen display digital “100”, that means the speed of motor rotation is fastest. Twist anti-clockwise, the digital will smaller and smaller, motor rotation will slow down. When the screen display digital “0”, the motor stop rotating.

Press the button of transmitter again: motor stop rotating.



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This 1CH mini garage door remote control (S1SM-DC12 & C-1) operates in the 315/433MHz frequency. It can be applied to many devices with voltage AC 110~240V or DC 0~28V because of normally open/ closed contact. It works with momentary mode, which means press and hold the remote button, turn on/open the electrical device; release the button, turn off/close the device. Applications include gate remote control, motor remote control, garage door remote control, light remote control, etc. The transmission distance is about 100m in the open field. We suggest that you’d better use this kit to remote control motor off/on.

remote controller

Initial state: NO, COM = Normally Open; NC, COM = Normally Closed.

Wire lamp to NO, COM terminals of receiver. Supply power to +12V, GND terminals.

inner circuitwiring-diagram

1) Press the button and hold: Turn on relay (connect COM and NO, disconnect COM and NC)

2) Release the button: Turn off relay (disconnect COM and NO, connect COM and NC)


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