Wireless Burglar Alarm System Fitting

Roller shutters or rolling doors have many applications, including applications for vans, garages, kitchens, schools and warehouse. The door is raised to open it and lowered to close it. Both roller shutter and rolling doors provide protection against wind and rain.

Roller Shutterrolling-doors

Now we recommend this kind of rf wireless magnetic sensor (W-13) to install to roller shutters or rolling doors to protect windows or gates from vandalism and burglary attempts. It will send signal to alarm main unit to alert people once it is triggered.


This kit contains a sensor, a magnetic bar, a transmitter and 4 screws. It works with 100m in the open field. Alarm time of this kit is 5 seconds. With indication of low battery, you can change battery in time.




Stick part A (magnetic bar) on the edge of the roller shutter/rolling door, and stick part B on the fixed frame of roller shutter/rolling door

Note: The distance of these two parts shall be less than 3-5 cm when the roller shutter/rolling door is closed.


Pull out the antenna of the transmitter.

When the roller shutter/rolling door is opened from the closed position, LED 1 will turn on red light for 5 seconds; the magnetic detector will be triggered and will send alarming signal to the main unit.

Indication of low battery: When the voltage of battery is less than 7.5V, LED 2 will straightly turn on red light. At this time, you must immediately change the battery.

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A security system is a system designed to detect intrusion into a building or area. Some alarm systems serve a single purpose of burglary protection. We’d like to recommend this kind of burglar alarm Siren and transmitter/ receiver(S-02-B), which include a siren with red strobe light, wireless receiver module and wireless transmitter module, as a set of alerting device to work with your alarm system. It is wireless for easy installation. This siren is compatible with any burglar alarms. When it works, it generates sound with red strobe light. Alerting siren serve purpose of warning occupants of intrusion and potentially scaring off burglars and alert people.



Wireless siren is made by three parts: the transmitter, the siren and the receiver with the power adaptor. See following connection chart. Plug the transmitter to siren socket of the main unit, and plug the siren to the receiver, then plug the power adaptor of the receiver to AC110~240V. When the main unit triggers the alarm, the light of transmitter will shine, and it will send a wireless signal to the receiver of siren. The receiver gets the signal and output DC 12V power to the siren. Then the siren starts up.


If your alarm system works at 315 MHz, you should choose wireless siren with 433 MHz; if your alarm system works at 433 MHz, you should choose wireless siren with 315 MHz

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