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One customer said he had a 220V single phase capacitor start motor; it rotated in one direction (seen from the first picture below). And he’d like to change it to rotate in forward and reversal direction using our motor remote controller.

According to this picture, we learn that it can also rotate in another direction by changing wiring position of Red line and Yellow line.

We suggest him use motor remote controller model of 0020318 (S1FC-AC220 & CV-4).Picture on the following shows how to wire the motor and capacitor to the receiver. So that the motor can be remote controlled in forward and reversal direction.

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Question from customer:

Hi, I was wondering if this product (model 0020204) would be good to control 6 motors independently in forward and reversal direction? Regards


The wireless system can satisfy your requirement for remote control 6 motors independently in forward and reversal direction. It is model: S12CA-DC12 & CV-12. The receiver (S12CA-DC12) is 12 channels and can connect 6 motors in it. The wireless transmitter’s (CV-12) remote control distance is 500m/1500ft theoretically. If you connect 6 motors to the receiver, you can remote control 6 motors rotate in forward and reversal direction by using the wireless transmitter.

1 (4)

Here is the circuit diagram of receiver. You can connect 6 motors to B terminal of receiver. Then supply power to receiver. When you press the button of transmitter, the motor will rotate by wireless remote control.

S12CA-DC&CV-12 Wiringapplication circuit

If you want to wireless remote control 6 motors, momentary control mode is more suitable. You can operation as following:

When you press and hold button 1, motor 1 rotates in positive direction; release button 1, motor1 stop rotating. Press button 2, motor 1 rotates in reversal direction; release button 2, motor 1 stop rotating.

S12CA-DC&CV-12 Motor 1

So button 3 and button 4 control motor 2, button 5 and button 6 control motor 3, button 7 and button 8 control motor 4, button 9 and button 10 control motor 5, button 11 and button 12 control motor 6. You just need to operation according to above process.

Beside if you would like to know more something about the wireless remote control, you can enter into the website and search the product as following:

Model: 0020204 (S12CA-DC12 & CV-12)


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