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About Us

 We specialize in the field of automation control and intelligent control systems, developing, producing and selling various types of hardware and software, and are widely used in various applications such as home, industrial, commercial and agriculture, such as RF remote control system, remote automatic control system, home and industrial equipment remote control system, security protection system, the Internet intelligent control system, mobile phone remote control system.

We are both on-line sales of various types of products, but also based on the different needs of customers to develop and produce all kinds of customized products.

Our strengths include the full range, competitive price, prompt delivery, pre-sales advice, after-sales assistance, technical services, personalized customization, sample development, and accept small batch order.

About Customization:

We accept sample customization, small batch customization, mass customization, hardware customization, software customization and APP customization.
In addition, we accept LOGO customization. we can print patterns, signs or company LOGO on shell, PCB board, button, product packaging, or add LOGO in customizing software for customers, and there is no limit on the number of products.

Customized Range:
1. Accept sample customization, small batch customization and mass customization.
2. Function customization: Timing control, Delay control, Clock control, Touch control, Wireless WiFi control, Internet control, Telephone control, Round-trip
control, Bluetooth control, Temperature control, Water level detection, Battery power monitoring, Humidity monitoring, Smoke monitoring, Leak detection etc.
3. Software customization: Android / iOS APP for mobile phone, PC / Network software development.
4. Hardware customization: Industrial automatic control circuit development, Home intelligent control circuit development, Communication circuit development,
includes WiFi, TCP / IP, Bluetooth.
5. Other services: Apply CE, FCC certification, Print LOGO or symbol on shell, PCB board or button.

Custom instructions:
1. Customize new product: you should provide the details(function, product mode diagram)
2. Change the hardware on our existing product: (for example, Request the wireless controller input voltage DC48V, output voltage DC12V)
3. Certification of products’ certificate: Please provide product model, which kind of certificate
4. Print LOGO or symbol on shell, PCB board or button: provide pictures or file