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One Transmitter controls Two Receivers


I will be buying the S4C-DC12 and CP-4 online, but I would also like to

know if I can add another 1 channel receiver S1U-DC12 with the same

CP-4 transmitter? As example: Can I use CP-4 to control S4C-DC12, and

also use button "C" or "D" of CP-4 to control S1U-DC12? My application

would require the same remote transmitter to control both receivers. I

cannot use the 2nd transmitter.


This idea can come true if we reprogram the S1U-DC12 receiver. Then,

you can use button “A”&”B “to control S4C-DC12 and other buttons “C’&”

D” to control S1U-DC12. There is no need to add the second transmitter.

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This question was added to our store on Sunday 26 May, 2013.